Many of you who know me, would know that I am fully capable of teaching my own child. I am no tiger mom (I secretly wish I am) and work has been taking me away from my kids. There is so much potential in them at this age and the thought of not tapping on this potential to the fullest makes me upset. I have been very sluggish, so much so, I started getting panic attacks after we registered Big K for her Primary school. Reality finally sank in but my actions did not co-relate to my thoughts. There was just too much on my plate. I needed help. Additionally, Big K was showing signs of lethargy towards Math. I knew I needed a new approach. Hence, I was very excited when Early Math Matters approached us to join them on their P1 Preparation Course.

Ms Judy Goh

Mum of Teo Jia Luo Charlote (5 years old)

I got to know about Neuromath when my elder son attended Neuromath P6 revision class and was impressed by the individual attention and care by the teacher towards my son. So when Early Math Matters was introduced, I signed up without hesitation. Indeed, the class is very interactive and interesting, incorporating many motor skill activities and observation training. The teacher is also very friendly and flexible and can engage the children very well. Charlotte is always looking forward to the lessons. This class would delightedly bring great interest to mathematics in a fun and enjoyable environment.

Ms Joyce

Mom of Quinn (6 year old)

I love that the children can apply what they learnt to real life problems and concepts and that the focus is not just on mathematical theory but logical thinking as well. The student-teacher ratio is ideal and the teachers are really dedicated. My child loves the interesting activities, in a sage and conducive environment. I feel that the teaching methodology is excellent and well thought through. No rote learning – only innovative methods specially designed to foster deep learning and understanding. As a teacher myself, I have to say that the early Math Matters teachers are extremely dedicated and committed beyond what any parent would expect. You can really see their effort in wanting the child to understand and taking the necessary measures to do this… and for that I’m really grateful. I’d definitely recommend Early Math Matters to any parent who wants to give their child an advantage when he/she enters Primary School!

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