About Us

Neuromath was founded by Mr. Norman Tien based on his more than 20 years of PSLE Math teaching experience two decades ago. At Neuromath, we offer quality primary math courses that not only build up students’ confidence in math but also stimulate children’s interest in math. Compared with be good at calculating, we want students to really truly understand the logic of mathematic and to master in math in both school and real life.

Located in Singapore, we have seen many students struggle during their math learning process. Breaking away from the traditional teaching method, which focuses on improving students’ calculating skills, Neuromath emphasize more on applying the most effective and suitable teaching strategies to help students master in math.

The main purpose is for the students to be able to develop the ability of logical thinking, learn the logic behind math, and apply what they have learned in their daily life.

We are dedicated to providing the most effective and understandable primary math education for students in Singapore. Our dynamic team deliver quality and meaningful solutions to help students build up confidence in math, which is the best motivation for children to keep improving. Also, arousing students’ interest in math is always the key to the success of learning math. Our qualified teachers, who have adequate experiences in teaching PSLE Math, always encourage and appreciate students to be active in class.

In the past nearly 20 years, we have helped thousands of students from pre-primary to secondary levels with our professional math education. Our teachers always pay full attention on developing the most suitable math education for students in Singapore to allow each and every child possess high degree of curiosity and interest in their math learning journey.

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